Understanding The Music

Most Kizomba songs are sung in Portuguese and like most RNB tracks they are about love, relationships, partying, break-ups and getting down. Although I don’t understand the language, the rhythm and bass move me. I’ve found that understanding the lyrics at least has added value to my life. I’ve had to use Google Translate to…

Ladies, Ask A Man.

It’s the norm that ladies outnumber men at dance classes and parties. I’m not sure what the ratio is but as a lead for Kizomba, and sometimes Bachata and Cuban Salsa, I hardly get a chance to sit down.     But the ladies, sitting on the couch against the wall, standing, watching waiting. I…

What you see is what you don’t get

Most men think that a woman that can move her body in a sexy way, or that dresses in a sexy way, or that is friendly, wants to be asked out. Sit Down Boy.

Music and Dance = Nirvana

Although the darkness casts shadows around us, I can sense the luminous delight that the music and dancing radiate on the floor. We came to party, to listen to good music, to dance with that lady we admire from afar, to dance with that guy your friend likes. Yes, ladies, I know. But this is…

Allow Me To Lead

I had two bad experiences with the ladies and well, I had to question the role of a follower and that of a leader.

Don’t Miss A Beat

This is aimed at those that want to dance but are AFRAID to take that first step. Learning to dance is fun, just be there.

Connection. Execution. Fun

This was not just a question and answer session, with most ladies a good convo took place. I could not mention all, your focus is not geared for a 1000 word piece.

Come Salsa, It’s Not A Trend

Thabo Moloto started Come Salsa 10 years ago to share his passion for dancing. Since then he has taught more than 100 people to Cuban Salsa.

En Fuego Bringing Bliss  

The percussionist is without a doubt the most animated character on stage, and his energy leads the band and excites the crowd too. I see that Cuban Salsa is not just music that requires sweat from Salseros, but the band as well. En Fuego (which means the fire) definitely brings the heat. They seem to…

Bachata: Symbolising love

I’ve read that, back in the day, Bachata was frowned upon, because it was danced by Black people in the Dominican Republic. In fact, it was not just a discrimination of colour, but a bias of class, too. So the elitists of that island disassociated themselves from the people who danced this Bachata. That was…