Copying My Style.

I knew from the start that I would not be able to copy his Kizomba. He is energetic, excited and fleet footed. I’ve got two of those attributes, but that fast footwork is a problem. Nevertheless, watching this Kizombie with the wide grin is a delight.

A rare pic with the Level 3’s

I recall him dancing to Memoire de femme (A 90’s Zouk hit by Thierry Cham) on the rooftop, I mean where else.

He knew the track as his movements were in tune with any change in tempo. His partner clearly enjoyed this and the audience too loved this impromptu show.

I realised I could do this. What’s that you ask? That thing where you move to the music, where you are moved by the music.

I listened to that song over and over,  and many other tracks too. Two years later I’m at a level (level 2.5 with Fvcking Tats according to Paciano) where I know how to move to the various beats.

So, these gentlemen are watching me because I’m level 2.5 you know, and I can see them catching tips, one of them even said I want to dance like you. I was like WOW. Have I reached that level of that Kizombie with the wide grin?

These gentlemen, they’re new, they ask too many questions, they practice basic moves after class, repeatedly. They look awkward. Shame. And now, a couple of months later they are being moved by the music.

It’s awesome to see how they went from zombies to Kizombies. See what I did there. Like, they flourishing on the dance floor.

They don’t watch me as much anymore, it’s ohk, they are now accomplished; that is they have their own style, they move smoothly and they enjoy the music. They not counting steps no more, their confidence is palpable.

Baila Afrika can be really proud of them. Edd, Tash, and Paciano conferred their knowledge and their time to add these quality Kizombies to this dance community.

And likewise, these gentlemen have dedicated a portion of their life to correctly learn about and accordingly enjoy this Angolan dance.

Paciano watching his level 3’s closely.

And this dance is an experience they share with the ladies, and ladies you know you need more like them. Also, they are not copying my style. Compliments to you gentleman and kudos to Baila Afrika, because of your efforts we can continue adding to memoire de femme.


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