Balm For The Battered Soul

We dance for fun. For the love of it, for the freedom of expression and the synergy that we experience each time. But I’ve learned that dancing for most is not just about the fun factors, it’s an escape from the monotony that life presents. 

It’s become an integral part of my life, I mean here I am writing about it. Sometimes though I take for granted why I do this, and this is a reminder about appreciation, a notice about the change it made and makes on a daily basis.

And I hope some of these quotes resonate with you. Cause sometimes we just get caught up in something that it becomes standard and therefore less appreciated. Your life though is not standard, so here goes.


Some ladies come from pasts where they were abused, some guys too. Abuse takes the form of many shapes, alcohol, drugs, former partners. And here they are dancing. It’s their time to shine cause they are present. Time to live your best life because the past is well, passed. And if those odd days of struggle come up, they know that dancing is a balm for the battered soul.


People often reveal what they feel, or how they feel about you, especially with Kizomba. Connection says so much in so little time. And trust me within a minute you will know if this will be a fun dance or not. It’s not just the way you move, it’s a mindset, a feeling, and that cannot be faked. The way you dance, it’s all about you. So what are you all about?


Now if this man could see the benefits of dance then why aren’t more people doing it?

Ballroom, Hip-hop, Pantsula, Bachata, just do it. People actually make money off dancing, so it’s not just a hobby. There’s a living to be made from this art. But more importantly, as those I dance with know it just adds a quality, an escape, that is essential for joyful interaction.

Dancing is a remedy, it presents opportunities, and it puts you in touch with fellow dreamers. Like you, they are wanting that balm for the battered soul.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Darckchocolat says:

    Well done control… You have just done it again , once upon a time a teacher told me ;” a man without a song is a dead Soul” on that note if there is no music that can make you dance ! Then think again ! What keeps you alive .?
    When I dance there is a glow in me that multiplies and transmutes to those looking, is like lightining on the dance floor… With that said u can have an idea of who I am by how I carry myself on the dance floor… AkA Darckchocolat

  2. Shahied Joseph says:

    Thank you Darckchoc indeed you do shine on the dance floor…

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