A Licence To Play

If a lady does not do what a man wants her to do, it looks awkward and most importantly, then he did not lead her correctly. That’s right. Whether it’s Bachata, Cuban Salsa or Kizomba, gentleman, it’s your fault if she does not follow.

And while I ascribe to this lore, I’ve had an incident where a lady was not allowing me to lead. I mean the rejection was evident in her eyes, her rigid stance and of course the claim that I held her incorrectly.

I was appalled. Ohk I wasn’t but I was like ohk let’s try this correct holding technique thing and see. It was challenging as I already thought that it was the best way to hold her.

In Cuban Salsa, the hold with the left hand should be light, with your fingers hooking around hers. Or your palms can push against each other. What I do is this, I grip around the wrist. Lightly. It’s incorrect I was told.

I know, this wrist grip, is not for every lady. In fact, it will be reserved for those who are experienced. This hold, or any hold for that matter, changes as it should for the various turns and spins.

With leading and following, practice is essential. The problem with some beginners is that they leave after a lesson and the following week there is a little improvement or none.

When I Salsa with Julie, Selo or Tercia, the improvisation (from them) comes naturally. They make me look and feel good too. Their improvising comes from years of dancing.

For those who are not familiar with Cuban Salsa, it looks like I know what I’m doing when I’m dancing with them. To be honest, I’m going with their energy.

See this Sabor requires that you absorb it, and it’s not easy to do so with all those sounds. Those that do feel it act spontaneously, and if you watch closely you can see a Guapea, an Enchuffla and maybe a Dile Que No. The stuff of beginners repeated fluently and rapidly.

Salsa music demands action and expression, yet the beginners are just keen to follow instruction, which they should, but at the same time, they should show some freedom.

I wonder if they watch Youtube for other ideas on how to groove? I wonder if they listen to the music? I wonder what they see when Caspa, Edd, and Mfundo move so playfully?

Do they not recognize the license to play? Some clearly do not feel it. I once did not, but this impasse shall pass if they dance more. Vivir Mi Vida.






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