Catching Feels, Spreading Tarantism

I stayed away from Rooftop, Kizomba Monday and also Wednesday night’s Cuban Salsa class. It’s something I won’t do in a hurry again, but its part of an experiment to understand why people stay away from dancing.


I don’t understand why some do it, and this experiment is, therefore, a failure. However, I discovered that I have Tarantism and the only treatment is to dance; preferably, mostly Kizomba.

Yes, Tarantism is a term, an actual ism, it’s been around since the 16th century, and for me since 2015. I can see the others who suffer from it so I’m – and you are – not alone. Plus it’s a group effort combating this Tarantism. You treat it without loud music, partners that feel your flow and that invigorating atmosphere that’s exclusive to the Rooftop, and Baila Afrika on a Monday night.


Staying away felt wrong, like a betrayal. I lied to myself, I mean I cannot live without Kizomba, and now also Cuban Salsa and Bachata. Merengue too. The physical effects included bloating, a sinus infection and a serious case of FOMO.

Ohk the bloating was due to overindulging on those caramel cupcakes from Woolies and the sinus, well, this weather. Eish.

Yesterday at Rooftop was as usual, awesome. There were only three ladies to dance with when I got there after 2 pm, and I was worried about my ‘treatment’. Nevertheless, with DJ Titi on the phone (She don’t have decks), a thunderstorm followed by sunshine and more rain in the late afternoon, despite this people rocked up and the therapy was just what I needed.


A few regulars were there, but it was the rookies that made me realize that the love for dance is thriving and that I need not fret about who I will feel that Sabor with.

I was warned that Kizomba is addictive. And I’m addicted. Like a new lover, it’s zest just does not evanesce. I didn’t inform the newbies of these beliefs. I’d rather watch them catch feels and see the Tarantism spread.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. strakawe says:

    I am forced to stay away for the next four weeks, and my soul literally feels broken!

  2. Shahied Joseph says:

    You will survive just watch videos 😜

  3. Shahied Joseph says:

    Stay away I will update you via social media MWAH

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