No More Fomo

The FOMO was not as intense this past festive season as it was in 2016. I went about my business being cool as only I can be, a braai with the Jacobs, then the Morgans, lunches with family, a night at Copa, so  I did not have time to fear missing out on anything or anyone from the social dance community.

January 2017
Let’s continue with the new things…

You see, the dance scene in joburg becomes non-existent as most people head to beaches and over the sea with the hashtags take me back and wanderlust accompanying them. These hashtags bored me but anyway…

Those ‘left behind’ arranged parties among themselves, too few people attend to actually call it a party, just a gathering. I went to one. It was nice.

Another reason I’m not fearful of missing out is cause I know what to expect from the dance scene. The first three months of 2018 will see at least six or more Bachata/Salsa/Kizomba parties happening and that’s excluding rooftop and the classes that the dance schools offer.

Last year and the year before I felt the need to be part of it all, and I was. Looking back, I gave so much energy and although I enjoyed it, it drained me. This year I’ll do it differently; with an intention of going for quality and not quantity.

Always at a party, on a dance floor, engaging with the old and especially the new, has left me jaded. And while I enjoy the Kizomba tunes I play every day I don’t feel the compulsion to return to the rooftop.

The lack of desire to dance had me worried, am I losing my love for Kizomba? No, not at all, sometimes (ohk lots of times) I am stepping to the beats solo. So it’s not that, a loss of love, definitely not. It’s just a new intention. A newness…

So here’s to newness, new venues, new music, new Kizomba and maybe even Bachata moves, new ladies to dance with, new guys to conversate with, just new things. Please.

This 2018 promises to bring balance (the number eight is a symbol of this), so my wish to all of you is to experience this newness too. I mean, when was the last time you experienced something for the first time.




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