Something New…

A new venue, a new DJ, a new lady, a new song; any one of these features can your lift your spirits but combined, it makes for an awesome, albeit rare, experience. 


DJ E-Kins at Rooftop.


The Joburg dance community is not short of venues, there’s always new people joining and every other week I ‘discover’ a new song. The latest favourite being Roger Moreira’s Amy, however, it’s not new new. But still, until I introduced it to a few top DJ’s, this song was not played locally.

Yes, I am taking credit.

That’s me taking credit, but actually, Tarryn Dowley took this pic so credit to her too.

So there’s no shortage of these things but, when it comes to DJ’s there’s a problem. Oops wait not a problem, a challenge.

Yes, that sounds positive right, a challenge. You should be asking what’s the challenge for DJ’s cause I’ve got the answer. ehehehe. again I’ll take the credit for this Q & A.

See it’s simple, just as there are dance instructors, there should be uhh, DJ instructors I suppose?

Some ladies – actually only one I know – and gents have taken it upon themselves to study this much-needed art and I hope they progress beyond just playing songs. You see – in my not so humble opinion – a DJ can manage the vibe. And it’s no easy feat.

A few months ago I witnessed how a wanna-be DJ killed off the crowd at the Rooftop. It was a mess. Tarraxha tracks dominated the space, a repeat of a good song left me perplexed at this fuckery, and I refused to attend Rooftop Sundays. Also, I was busy with other stuff like… wait, I regress.

There was no feeling, no forethought, no mixing,  just a mess.

You can have a stunning venue, a few good dancers but if the DJ cannot read the crowd; well, then you are fucked, we all are.

This is just a cool pic.

Anyway, the skills of Dj E-Kins is now evident at the Rooftop and what a joy it is to dance to another set of tunes. Good tunes I must add. It’s important, I’ve noted, that a DJ bring his style to a party especially when it comes to Kizomba.

To those that don’t know – not that I know it all – there is a difference between Tarraxha, Kizomba, Semba and Zouk. Now I refuse to Tarraxha (firstly you need a partner that can do this but that’s a story for another day) because it requires minimal footwork and lots of grinding.  And I don’t wanna be grinded on.

Kizomba, Semba and Zouk – I refer to it as happy music, keeps you moving and grooving and smiling. Minimal grinding. ehehehehe

And that’s why I dance, to that beat for that feeling for that pleasure. But the DJ needs to bring that feeling first.

So, the challenge is this besides the need for DJ instructors: If you are going to be a DJ please take pride in this trade as people are immediately influenced by what you play, and how.

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