Hey Mr DJ

This DJ did not get the levels or the mix right, and it halted my Kizomba briefly. However, it happened two more times and I was put off from attending another function at that venue. 

DJ Edd preparing to rock the party at Pedro Portia

See I’ve been spoilt by DJ’s Edd, Thabo, and my favorite DJ Serghino. They know they have a great responsibility to keep people moving on the dance floor, and what makes their job even tougher is that they have to cater for Kizomba and Salsa dancers. And sometimes Bachata people too.

Transitioning from one song to another is quite a challenge, but going from one genre to another is daunting I suppose. Not that I know it’s not my expertise, but, I know this, if the DJ is not in a good mood he can ruin a party. So what’s a DJ got to do?

Well, it starts with the selection of songs. What he will play and the timing too. It’s important because one minute you doing a passada and the next there’s a tarraxha track. It just does not flow.

Which leads to the next thing, mixing. At Thabo’s 10 year celebration Serge played a mix that was so smooth it took me a good few seconds to realise that there was a song change.

DJ’s Serge and Thabo at Agog Rooftop it was EPIC

A legendary DJ at a club in Florida usually plays a song until the LP crackles. Yes, he uses LP’s. The ‘problem’ with that is that the crowd leaves the floor. Serge does not allow that. My feet have hurt a few times when he is on the ones and two’s.

Now the technical aspect of DJ’ing is this, seeing or rather hearing that the sound is of a good quality. I’ve seen Edd on numerous occasions paying attention to his set-up. I’ve helped Thabo carry a speaker but I don’t pay attention to where this cable should go or which dial needs to be uhh, adjusted, I mean I’m here to dance.

Anyway, proper sound, like a good song, is vital to enjoying a dance. Too much treble hurts the ear, too much bass is well, too much bass. These DJ’s have to find the correct balance, or else, this too can reduce the fun.

Thabo at Rooftop, and you know how this place gets.

The most important thing for me, about a DJ, is that he gets the crowd. If there are more Salseros, well then let’s hear the Cabasa shake. If there are more Kizombies well then…

Something these DJ’s don’t do is this, they don’t play RnB songs. You know the popular tracks that are infused with Kizomba. (see or rather hear Despacito). There’s so many awesome Kizomba artists and albums it’s not necessary to water it down with RnB Kizomba remixes.

The importance of a DJ, a good DJ, is paramount. You can have a venue with a stunning view of Joburg, 50 of the best Kizombies, but if the DJ is not in it, it’s not on. So hey DJ keep playing that song…

This is just a cool pic although Poki is also in the DJ’ing biz and Caspa fixes sound, Zeena’s pout is on point.

*All of the above is true based on my experiences*


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