Another Kizomba Addict

I told her to hug me; that is the way you hold your partner in Kizomba. She did. I said lean on me, just a little, she did. She pushed her hips against mine, I told her to stop it, that I did not know her like that.

She laughed, and I knew I had a new student, another dance partner for Rooftop. This happened before, I give a woman instruction and she just accepts it with no questions and no fuss. Another Kizomba addict is borne.

The eagerness to learn is there and that’s all she – Claudia – needs. Her questions were relentless though, is this Kizomba? What is this Bachata? How do you know it’s Salsa?

I explained as best as I could, and she accepted it. I think. If there is one thing I picked up from teaching others, it’s that I have more to learn.

I mostly step back and forward, so I’m drawn to the basics of Kizomba, like proper connection, listening to the music and using my body to lead. Oh and of course holding my partner in a respectable way.

Claudia understood this as we stepped for nearly two hours. Her following improved at times, but then her mind wandered and she would make a mistake. *Please note this was only her second lesson*

I said it’s fine, mistakes happen, just relax, close your eyes, and allow me to lead.

We laughed, spoke afterwards and exchanged numbers because she is adamant that I attend class next week. (It’s so nice to be wanted)

One thing I told her that is vital to Kizomba is doing the basics properly so that we can dance in unison, and when she dances with someone else the same basics apply, and this leads to more fun. I mean more partners, more dancing, more joy.

As with all sports, there are rules, and even though this is social dancing, there are rules too and if they are followed and practised, then well, fun is guaranteed.

But ask Claudia, she knows all about the requirements to Kizomba with me and the fun that it was, and will be.

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