You Are Not Channing

Some guys are overly confident, as soon as a new lady enters the dance arena they make it known that they are interested.
Now check this, there are new ladies every week and you making moves every week, every week?  Bitch please.
With Kizomba you learn that one of the fundamentals of this sensual dance is a connection, and if you dance for a while you will realize that there is a different connection with every woman. And so it goes with attraction.
You cannot possibly be attracted to every attractive female, you can appreciate all of them yes. But you cannot want them all, at the same time, in the same community, every week?
You are no Channing Tatum. And even if you was, curb that emotion of want, not every lady wants him. Or do they?
The ladies already outnumber us and most are not inclined to ask certain guys for a dance, and recently I was told why.
I don’t know why I was surprised, but apparently, no wait definitely, there are several guys who hit on the ladies consistently – that is they don’t take no for an answer – and it’s for this reason that they avoid you, and you and you.
First thing, they’re here to dance. Secondly, and most importantly, they’re not feeling you. It’s as simple as that. And the third thing is they’ve told each other about you. So right there, with that gossip, you’re out.
Now be a gentleman, just dance and let the connection and music guide you. She will reveal her interest in time if there’s any.
Look I like the fact that there are more women than men, I’ve got about a dozen favorites to dance with at any venue – but at the same time, it discourages them to attend classes and parties because they know they’ll be sitting, waiting, just for one dance. See what I did there?
Plus with you acting on sexual impulse; that is a major turn off for potential dancers becoming Kizombies or Salseros and it’s a debilitating factor to spread the love of dance.
Gentleman, you are now informed that dance connection does not relate to physical connexion so let’s hone this shared interest of dancing.

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