Listen To Find That Release

I have absolute admiration for the dance instructors I’ve come to know. Their passion requires them to be frustrated on a daily basis.


How many of us experience frustration daily? Did you choose it? How many do a job for the sole purpose of fun?

According to Facebook, I know about 20 dance instructors from the 2500 friends I’ve got. Which means there is… nevermind. There’s a few of them (dance instructors) and more of us (students).

So, in class, some people tend to chat while the instructor is explaining how you take a step back, forward or to the side. Yes, people have to be told when, how and even why they have to step. I mean hello, there’s music to move you, but that’s clearly not enough and that’s why we have instructors.

Now I’ve been doing Cuban Salsa lessons for like six months, on and off (mostly), so I’ve got more experience than the rookies and I use it against them – if you know what I mean.


But I listen, cause Tash gave me a dirty look –  but also because of something I missed about a basic, and other times she says something profound. No, wait, that’s Edd, Edd says the clever things, like: “It’s July, half the year is gone and it’s downhill from here but not in a bad way, let gravity take you.”

Anyway, repetition is fundamental as there are shines in Cuban Salsa that can make you look flirty or mischievous. A Suzie-Q after a basic mambo, a roll of the shoulders during a basic mambo or just bouncing to a beat (soft knees) seems easy right, but explain it and see who follows.

As I do basics regularly I get annoyed that a partner can’t seem to get it, so can you imagine how your instructor feels?

Now watching the intricate moves make me dizzy so I choose to stay with the beginners class because why must I twist my arms and yours and my feet are moving rapidly and then my body no no no, it’s too much.

Nevertheless, it’s really fun if you do it well, to the music, and with a lady that knows how to. Whether you watch or dance, it’s an entertaining outlet after a long day at the office.

BUT You cannot have this fun if you do not listen to instruction, and while all instructors insist the music should move you, I disagree, your instructor told/showed you how to move so just do as they say/do.

Just for a week, or a month, unless you like Netta, she catches any sequence in a minute. Not all of us are like her, so again listen, watch and copy to the best of your ability.


Let me add, it is not because of natural ability that guys like Shaun (Indian South African) and Pius (Nigerian South African) can do the Enchuffle or the Dile Que No, they listened, they dance regularly and now they are the belles of the ball.  They can’t merengue though.

Shaun and Pius are competent Salseros but it took them years, like dog years to get where they are. Just kidding. They watched and listened (still listen) to Edd and Tash, and now they just follow the music.

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