Netta The White Salsa Chick

It’s not often that I meet a naturally talented dancer, you know someone that just makes dancing effortless and fun, lots of fun.

I met Netta recently at a dance class and she took on the Bachata, Cuban Salsa and Kizomba steps like a sponge absorbing water. This woman not only succeeded in copying the footwork that Thabo and Leeroy showed her, she owned it.

I asked what dances she did before and if she did all this before. “No, I just dance Sokkie”. Yes Sokkie, that Afrikaner Waltz. That’s it. No other classes, niks, just flair. Oh and brandy and coke.

It was a pleasure dancing with her as she immediately understood connection and intention and how to follow. She’s one of those you go back to class for just to dance with her, just her.

She’s one out of 99 that can do this. Ohk maybe not 99 but it’s rare, other’s that come to mind are Faz, Melissa, and Thando. They just follow like they’ve practiced it before, with you, it’s an awesome feeling that synchronicity.

Now most of us struggle, and I get it, it’s unfamiliar, it’s intimidating to a certain extent but ultimately it should be fun. Netta made quite a few mistakes but she laughed at it and immediately made another attempt, she was having FUN while making these errors and therefore learning.

With new Kizombies I often have to remind them to step on their toes, soft knees, engage your core, it sounds like much but it’s not once you get the idea that it’s not things you do separately. They all happen at the same time. Like walking.

The tension my gawd, the tension. Why? Just let go I said to one lady last night, hold me, follow me and enjoy the music.

Now don’t get me wrong, this I’m not writing due to frustration, but more because I’d like to see more ladies enjoying this sensual dance and not walk away because they can’t do it. See what I did there with walk?

I’ve watched some ladies go from being broom sticks to accomplished Kizombies in the space of two months. They enjoyed the music, the different leads that guys bring, they practiced the technique and most importantly – I think – they became comfortable with who they are on the dance floor.

See, there’s only one Netta, and Jiggy, and three Simone’s, but they all do something that is uniquely theirs. But one characteristic they all share is that they don’t give a damn who is watching, or of the errors made, they have that fun factor.

And to reach that fun factor ladies, let go. Just let go. And let the synchronicity prevail.



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