Leave Her With A Smile

There’s a joy I get listening to Kizomba and Cuban Salsa, theres a joy in dancing to the tunes and a joy in watching certain people dance, and I especially like the smile of a appreciation when a lady leaves her partner. 

There are a few gents that always make their ladies smile, it’s as standard (for them) as doing a mambo basic. 

Their styles vary like the coffees at Motherland, from a hazelnut latte to Americano (see what I did there) and there’s always a good selection at your favourite Rooftop. 


Pie-Pacifique’s energetic Cuban Salsa and Kizomba is always accompanied with a wide grin. He is clearly moved by the music and his actions are entertaining. We watch and grin, the lady leaves with a smile.

You have to sit down when Thabo dances, whether it’s Bachata or a jive, the man glides across the floor. His partner is clearly captured by his dexterity and musicality. Every step is to a beat. She leaves with a smile.



With a beer in hand, Seps does not look like he can get down, but when that Timba beat comes on he starts to show off years of practice. It’s contagious, fun and natural. Every shine is on point and his partner leaves with a smile.

It’s difficult to watch one of them when Gersh and Leeroy are both in action. They dance with an ease that makes others stare, their simple steps have led to signature moves, but it’s their flair that sets them apart from the rest.

Gersh’s style, hip-hop Salsa, where sleek footwork meets a pop-and-lock, it’s not traditional but it works with the music and for the crowd. The lady leaves with a smile.

Leeroy stops, drops and swings his lady all in one move it seems, on tempo. No thinking required, he just flows, she follows. The lady leaves with a smile.



Seeing the delight on a woman’s face is one of the reasons I started Kizomba. I mean, who doesn’t want to make a lady happy with all her clothes on.

These gents know the basics so well that they shape it to suit their persona and more importantly to the music. It’s a devastating, entertaining combination.

Their fun factor cannot be copied, but I know that dancing more often will take me to that space where a lady leaves with a smile.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Darckchocolat says:

    Well control if not for those reason that we dance ! Then how else we would share Such Happyness with so many people in just one place… 😄😄👌🏼

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