Don’t Miss A Beat

Don’t miss a beat as you will look like a fool. Mistime that step and people will laugh. You will leave the floor embarrassed. You will be pointed at, ridiculed. How will you live after such a travesty?

That’s far from the truth of what happens on a dance floor, or rather what happens in the various social dancing scenes. It’s easy to spot a new dancer but don’t judge her by her All Stars or Superga’s. That girl can move if you can move.

And that guy with the worn running shoes, even the one with the blue overalls, he knows his basics. They confident, they in the moment and clearly enjoy Bachata, Cuban Salsa, and Kizomba. Although the one gent leads more with hand gestures than body movements, it’s ok with some ladies, they dancing.


Strike a pose. Pic courtesy of Hestings Image Pro


I find the fear of dancing strange, it’s unfounded. Immature. But not so long ago I was there, petrified of looking like a fool. And I have on a few occasions. Fortunately, the ladies are forgiving and usually laugh off the mistake.

You can overcome this fear by attending a dance class or going to a rooftop of your choice. Ladies, most men are too eager to show you their moves and I can guarantee that you won’t sit still for too long.

Boys, it takes courage to ask a Jackie or a Tash to dance knowing that these ladies have a poise that only certain guys can match. You know this cause you watched them, that fear battling with that enthusiasm to just dance. This internal conflict, you know you can’t salsa but that feeling, that desire to dance, will win.


Captured getting down by Hestings Image Pro


The ladies will dance with you, but if you really bad they won’t say yes again. Ehehehe.

Just kidding, if there’s one thing I noticed, our women suffer at times simply to dance. With Kizomba especially you see that look of agony, it’s funny. NOTE to self: I hope she doesn’t look that way when I hold her?

I once heard this: “These beginners just move forward and back, they can’t even turn.”

I was that beginner. I was hurt. The rejection. “I’ll get her, I’ll show her,” I thought. Months later she asked me for a dance. Elation, gratitude, I overcame that limitation.

Just this past Sunday I was told my lead is improving. After nearly a year of dancing with this lass, she tells me this?

Doing it, watching closely, and listening to the music is helpful, to say the least. Dancing is a continuous art of progression. And not just on the floor, beyond it, there are benefits of pleasure… if you know what I mean.

Like writing, reading and driving a car it takes practice to dance confidently. Standing, watching and waiting to be ready won’t help your cause, and it’s a joyful cause.

No, you don’t need those shoes or that outfit, just be comfortable, just be there in the moment. Put an end to that internal conflict, don’t miss this beat.

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